Ken Zheng

Ken Zheng



Ken is a budding serial entrepreneur and methodical executionist with a strong background in engineering. He graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from Washington University and ever since has stayed within the software startup space. Aside from Takoda, he has worked with companies in the healthcare and sports industries in all facets of the business including visual design, marketing, business strategy, operations, and of course, software development.

In 2016, WattRunner, a startup that Ken co-founded, was selected to participate in the Capital Innovators Accelerator based in St. Louis. The accelerator is one of the top 10 in the country. Ken and his team were able to gain acceptance despite all being part time, though Ken decided to leave his previous job and join the nascent company full time. Ken underwent the 12 week accelerator program, which culminated to pitching the business to an audience of over 500. At the end of his time at the company, New Balance acquired several of the company’s assets.

Ken began work with 1904labs immediately afterwards as a Full Stack Developer in creating web applications. When the first Agile Engineering Lead position became available, Ken applied and was the first in the company to make the shift from development to leadership. In his current role, he manages communication with clients and ensures their satisfaction, acts as scrum master for two development teams, and applies servant leadership in interactions with his team members. While at 1904labs, Ken has participated in or led teams to victory at the Purina Better With Pets Hackathon and Globalhack 6.

Ken has a four year old dog named Louie and in his freetime (though there’s little of it) enjoys amateur photography, weightlifting, cooking and plating up fancy meals, and playing tennis.