David Patterson Silver Wolf

David Patterson Silver Wolf



David A. Patterson Silver Wolf, joined the Brown School in 2012. Dr. Patterson Silver Wolf has over 15 years of experience in providing clinical, addiction-related services and is currently a Faculty Scholar in the Washington University Institute for Public Health, a Faculty Affiliate in the Center for Violence and Injury Prevention, and an Associated Researcher with the University at Buffalo’s Buffalo Center for Social Research.

He investigates best practice implementation in human services organizations, specifically in substance use disorder treatment organizations. His work focuses on worker and organizational characteristics and their roles in implementing empirically-supported treatments such as new technologies. Dr. Patterson Silver Wolf is currently the co-founder and Director of Community-Academic Partnership on Addiction (CAPA) which works with six St Louis based organizations to bring science to addiction services. Further information about the partnership can be viewed in CAPA’s Website.

Dr. Patterson Silver Wolf also studies factors that improve underrepresented minority college student’s academic success. He is specifically interested in Native American/American Indian health and wellness, particularly on issues related to college retention. Dr. Patterson Silver Wolf developed and is testing a brief intervention that increases underrepresented minority college student’s retention rates.

At the Brown School, he teaches substance abuse courses and works closely with Kathryn M. Buder Center Scholars. You can learn more about Dr. Patterson Silver Wolf’s history at: New York Times article.