Audrey Crockett

Audrey Crockett

Data Scientist


Audrey Crockett is a data scientist with a drive to change the world through impactful data analysis. Her experience as a licensed clinical therapist gives her a unique insight into the people and stories behind the data.

Audrey Crockett has had an interest in data and its impact since her early teenage years, getting her start at age 16 with creating budget analysis sheets for a small property management firm. In college her love for data grew as she worked on multiple Psychology studies relating to inter-partner violence. In her career, she has presented 3 pieces of research at the American Psychological Association’s national conference.

While having a passion for data, Audrey has always been interested in the well-being of others. Garnering her first master’s degree in Counseling Psychology in 2014, Audrey greatly enjoyed her work in the fields of substance abuse and child & family therapy. Wanting to make a bigger impact on the systems that affect those that she counseled, Audrey went back to school and received a second master’s degree in Applied Data Science from Syracuse University. Her hope is that the outcomes from collected data will lead to overarching policy changes in the field of mental health.

In her free time, Audrey loves spending time with her husband, Matthew, being outdoors, and playing indie video games.