A suite of technology tools to assist professional therapists monitor and treat patients suffering from substance use and psychiatric disorders. 


With professional hands-on set up, therapists will receive detailed onboarding.


Therapists treat patients battling long term substance abuse and enter data into our platform. 


Our platform allows therapists to visualize key metrics in their patients’ progress.

Our Mission

Takoda was founded by four passionate leaders in their own professions who met to discuss how behavioral healthcare systems could be improved by incorporating technology tools. Like many families, the founders have all been directly impacted by the problems associated with substance use disorders and mental health issues. Combining years of experience in both treatment services and technology development, the founders have created customized tools which are currently being used and tested in various treatment systems.

Meet Our Team

Our cross-disciplinary team consists of academic researchers, behavioral health treatment professionals, software engineers, data scientists, and human-centered designers. 

What Clients Say

  • “ I have found the dashboard to be very helpful and I utilize this resource for every client on my caseload. It’s convenient and effective to be able to track client progress in their recovery without having to always search back through their different charts. It’s just a simple way to monitor how recovery is going. And one of the best things is my clients gets to see their own progress which is extremely beneficial. I love it!”

    Sarah R
    Frontline Therapist
  • ” I really like the dashboard and excited to see the outcomes related to my work with patients. I have found that this tool helps me to visualize and understand the patient’s progress during treatment. Having real-time, reliable data to guide and adjust my therapeutic interventions is outstanding. Thank you for creating this tool as it has changed the way I practice.”

    Brianne K
    Frontline Therapist

Recent News

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